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From Clay to Cotton

We will be swapping clay for cotton and making masks from this week.

The masks are double-layer 100% cotton, with a pocket for an optional filter, and a nice snug wire nose fitting (tested by both of us, great for avoiding steamy spectacles) which keeps the mask close to your face. They are washable.

PLEASE NOTE: these are NOT medical grade masks. They are for personal use in line with the Scottish Government recommendation to wear masks in shops and smaller spaces where it is harder to maintain a full 2m distance from others. We make no claims on the efficacy of our masks, other than to confirm that we are using them ourselves and feel they are of a decent quality. Please see our note below on the filters.

Our test masks have filters inserted and are still fairly comfortable for breathing and don’t feel too stuffy. I did a ‘test drive‘ during a 5 and a half hour day of errands this week. With over 3 hours of actual mask-wearing in shops, etc, it was still pretty comfortable, if a wee bit warm.

We have disposable filters to go inside the masks, available separately.
We have now run out of the charcoal impregnated PM2.5 filters, but have Nonwoven Meltblown Filter Fabric that we will be supplying as double thickness filters.

Here’s a great video explaining the benefits (and limitations) of hand-made masks. Worth a watch.

Our Meltblown filters have an element of particle filtration and are useful for trapping moisture and droplets. To my knowledge, the filtration is not fine enough to capture Coronavirus particles and we make no such claims, but based on some basic internet research, it should serve some purpose for droplet-borne particles.

Masks are £8 each.
Filters are an additional 50p per filter.
Shipping in the UK for up to 3 masks is £1.20. 4-6 masks is £1.70 and 7-12 masks is £2.20.

If you order early enough, you can choose your fabric for the outside of your mask. We’ll be working to order first, then making in random fabric combinations. Fabric choices are numbered in the images. Please note we may have to ask you to choose alternate colours if first choices are finished.

You can now order direct from our web shop.